Monday, 27 June 2011

The secret of the universe - you'll kick yourself when the penny drops!

Magic Eye How to See 3D 
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The secret of the universe, your life-secret - also called 'the geddit factor' - got it? - you'll kick yourself when the penny drops!

The secret of life and your way to it can't be contained in words.

Great teachers like Zen masters point.  As in this haiku by Basho;

The clouds come and go,  
providing a rest for all  
the moon viewers

The word 'moon' does convey the magic of the experience of moon-ness - so great masters point to the moon. but don't label.

No name is sufficient - in fact labels stop us seeing, stop us experiencing full reality.

It's like 

Pause the video to give yourself longer on each photo.

Don't worry if the 3d magic eye stuff doesn't work for you.

It doesn't mean you haven't or won't 'geddit' spiritually!  But the 3D Magic Eye photos and videos are good as an analogy.

We stare at what we think is the real world.

But its an illusion.

There's something deeper - something at least 3 dimensional - and it contains 'a secret' - the secret of the universe.

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