Thursday, 16 June 2011

Click here for 60secs Meditation Time-out

Take a minute out of the hustle and hassle.

Be still – starting with a few moments.

Light is light for us all.

Let your breath breathe you - now.

Imagine your mind as a movie-theatre.

Witness each thought-feeling that arises

Say to each thought-feeling that arises'

"Hello.  Thank-you. Goodbye."

See the thought-feeling exit left or right from the movie-theatre. 

Smile: Breathe the breathing.

Sense the whole to which we all belong.

Invite the quietness.

Be still.


Breathe your transformation.








On returning we find there are only concepts -

“Concepts are delicious snacks with which
we try to alleviate our amazement.”

(A J Heschel)

We fly with two wings the nonduality of 'oneness via meditation' and the duality of 'me and my concepts'

Both are needed.

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