Sunday, 28 November 2010

Beautifully put - with such guys there is hope

One comment - I see human reality as 'Justice is the conditioner of Truth, Beauty & Goodness - which are the three great illuminations and ways of engagement of the human spirit.'

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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Wonderful range of Chines soup recipes

My soup recipe index - an A to Z list of chinese soup recipes

The best eating we ever did was in China!

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The Magic of Homemade Chinese Soups. The place for oriental recipes and homemade soups

Bring the love and magic of homemade Chinese soups into your home via your kitchen with FREE information from this website.

  1. Cook your first pot of delicious and nutritious homemade chinese soup

  • Enhance the health-giving benefits of your meals by serving some common chinese herbal soups
  • Nurse your homesickness or craving by replicating that well-loved chinese soup from home
  • Increase your repertoire of chinese soups beyond a Spartan egg drop soup
  • Walk into a chinese grocery store and shop with more confidence and less bewilderment
  • Many chinese restaurants serve wonderful luxurious chinese soups such as shark fin soup and Buddha jumps over the wall using expensive ingredients and elaborate cooking techniques.

    When they are served, they are both a feast for the eyes and for the stomach. A gastronomical experience indeed!

    But magical moments with chinese soups happen in the humble home kitchen.

    Home-cooked, with simple ingredients, using simple cooking methods, using simple cooking utensils, served piping hot ... with love.


    Why homemade chinese soups?

    Hi, my name is Phoebe and I live on a small tropical island republic in Southeast Asia called Singapore.


    There are many chinese living here, mostly descendants of immigrants from China.

    I grew up with homemade chinese soups at our dinner table.

    They were common sight and for many years chinese soups were just part of the meal, nothing special. I took what I know and enjoy about chinese soups for granted.

    They have been a good friend: comforting me when I am sick or cold and pampering me when I have a tummy ache.

    I have even lost weight drinking chinese soups.

    I am not an expert cook and I do not spend long hours in the kitchen nor do I want to. The chinese soups I make have to be easy and hassle-free.

    My late grandma will shake her head by my minimalist cooking approach.

    What to do? I have been corrupted by modernity.

    I know that many people are interested in chinese food but are unfamiliar with chinese vegetables, chinese food items, condiments, chinese cooking tools and preparation methods such as the simmering method, the double-boiling method, and how to thicken soup.

    It would be a shame to let these stop people from enjoying chinese soups.

    This is why I created this website. All that I know about homemade chinese soups I have attempted to record down here.

    I hope you will make use of the information here to prepare some nice chinese soups for your family, friends and most importantly, for yourself.

    What you will find on this website

  • chinese soups and their health benefits
  • different cooking techniques and types of chinese soup pots
  • a list of chinese soup recipes including the famous wonton soup, chinese congee, hot and sour soups and egg drop soups
  • articles on some common chinese soup ingredients like lotus root, chicken, chinese herbs, tofu and etc
  • articles on soups with specific functions such as for colds and slimming
  • places where you can share your soup or food stories, pictures, "secret" recipes and changes to my recipes with like-minded people here.
  • and many more ...

    Navigating this website

    For the wanderer

    The left side navigation bar is arranged alphabetically. (if they are not, it means I am working on them...)

    You will find links to soups made with certain key ingredients such as beef soups, chicken soups, egg drop soups, fish soups, herbal soups, pork soups, lotus root soups and vegetarian soups.

    There are also links to soups for various functions such as soups for cold and soups for weight loss.

    I have also included pages on 2 all-time favourites: fabulous wontons, and comforting rice congee.

    For the purposeful

    If you are interested in recipes for homemade soups, you can browse my growing list of chinese soup recipes.

    I will also try to include links to good recipes I found online, especially those with wonderful colour pictures and clear instructions. Best of all, they are tried and tested recipes.


    THANK YOU for visiting!

    The best eating ever was on our trip to China!

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    Resource on Mysticism - The Mystic's Vision - hosted by Swami Abhayananda

    I can't vouch for it but it looks to contain useful work

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    Masters of Photography Diane Arbus Part 1

    Carly Simon - You're So Vain

    Just realized she could be sister to Richard Branson!

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    David Mitchell gets Grumpy About Kids' Stuff

    Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce

    Sunday, 14 November 2010

    BBC Four's brilliant 'Getting On'

    Genius comedy drama that shows Jo Brand is a fine actress and co-writer as well as a top stand-up comedian.

    The consultant is monstrous - worthy of Dickens!

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