Wednesday, 20 July 2011

POEM: Let be the realization


Let be the realization - for Bob, Margaret & Jenny Pause. Let be. Let be the realization that you are life's longing; shaped as a wave formed fleetingly upon our one infinite sea. Let be the open secret that makes this light-reflected moment, this one, here, here, or this hiss of wind and rustle of leaves this child's smile, all that ever is, and was and shall be. Let be the home-coming, the welcome stranger who turns and shows you with the flash of a wry smile your wisdom your reflection your true face, and now see that all journeying was to here, right now - just this: just this the no-form out of which all forms arise, just this the Mystery at the centre of and beyond all things just this - the stillness beneath the kiss of breath breathing you, breathing me. Let be. ~ SunWALKer (Roger Prentice)

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